3 Great Reasons to Use Paid Social Media

Is Paid Social Media Worth It?

Yes, yes, yes!

Paid Social Tells You Soooooooo Much About Your Target Audience

Most native data sources e.g. the Instagram analytics tool, aren’t that great. They’ll give you an overview but that’s about it.

Why is This important?

The more you know about your audience, the more you can pinpoint your general marketing towards targeting them. Creating content without knowing who you are serving with it, is the same as printing up a flyer saying, ‘Buy My Widgets’ and standing outside the bus station handing it to anyone who passes by. Which approach do you think will be the more effective?

Paid Social Lets You Target and Retarget the Customers You Want

And just to develop the last point, a good ads campaign will allow you to get very specific with your ads targeting. For most businesses (some are restricted) this means you can hone right in on, for e.g., people who love 80s music, own a cat, are vegetarian, earn more than £40K a year, enjoy travel, and read newspapers*. If these unicorns visited your website but didn’t ‘add to cart’, you can then retarget them on your next round. (*Please note my lack of age references in that description! Please don’t use ever age descriptors … ever … !)



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Mary Donné

Mary Donné


Ad Girl | PPC | Facebook and Google Ads | Funnel Builder. I like contemporary art, tea, and big animals.